Combining content creation and delivery through a single platform.

Publishing original content to your firm’s blog and social media profiles on a regular basis is essential to achieving online marketing success. In reality, this can prove to be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task that is often forgotten about because people with limited social media understanding stop trying. This is why we offer firms the ability to share relevant, interesting and search engine optimised (SEO) content without them needing to lift a finger.

Sharing content regularly on social media is essential for SEO purposes and maintaining a strong, trusting relationship with clients online. However, quite often accountants are too busy to write blog posts or update their social profiles to keep them interesting and current. But that doesn’t mean they can ignore the need for relevant, interesting copy if they want to maintain a relationship with clients and appear to embrace technology to improve their business.

Share from blog

sharefromblogAdvantage Social regularly checks your firm’s blog site for new content to then post to your social media platforms on a scheduled timeframe. For accountants with limited time on their hands, this feature can be very handy, as it ensures that firm blog content is regularly shared on a timely basis to followers that would otherwise miss out.

Advantage Social integrates with a number of blogging platforms. As long as your blog is compatible, you can take advantage of this feature. Blogs hosted by Practice Advantage are already compatible with this feature.

Auto-shared news feeds


One of the biggest challenges for financial professionals using social media is the need to publish relevant material on a regular basis. But if your firm only shares promotional blog content, fewer online viewers will be interested. Finding and utilising sources with great content, therefore, to share online is a must.

Re-sharing can often be a real challenge. This is why Advantage Social auto-shares content that is specifically aimed at clients of accounting firms and financial professionals. The material shared directly to users’ social media profiles is taken from readily available public sources and screened and filtered to ensure that the content is relevant and timely for firm audiences.

Shared category posts


An extension of the auto-shared news feeds, content is organised and delivered to clients through an RSS reader under five categories. Simply choose what content you would like to share, and it will be distributed on your social media platforms accordingly.

The categories include:

Covering superannuation news and strategies, retirement strategies and planning for retirement, estate planning, taxation issues, trusts and investments

Covering SMSF news and strategies, such as planning and managing an SMSF and purchasing property through an SMSF

Covering family law, family health care, marriage, divorce, separation, trusts and children

Covering GST and taxation issues, growing, managing and marketing a business, business contracts and laws, and workplace safety

Covering investment strategies, property investment, CGT, taxation issues, shares and the sharemarket

Infographic posts

It is not enough to simply post content to social media. Keeping visitors engaged requires a mix of content and design. Infographics provide small, easy to read snippets of information in a graphics format, making complex information eye catching and shareable. Infographics come in images, cartoons, mind maps, charts, tables and icons.

Content library

Access a range of material directly from your content library. Content is regularly updated with original articles, as well as articles and posts from various online, external sources. Clients can add their own material to the library. Simply choose the content that is relevant to your audience and share it on your blog or social media profiles.

Custom auto-posts

For the social media gurus who want more control over the content they share to online audiences, custom auto-posts allows users to add their own custom RSS feeds to find the content they want, and share it to their firm’s social media platforms.