Observe the quality and progress of your social communication channels and the content you share

There is an infinite number of conversations taking place across social networks at any given time, making it virtually impossible for firms wanting to keep track of when and where their services are being discussed or mentioned online. Advantage Social’s monitoring tools counter this by allowing firms to observe and check the quality and progress of their social communications channels and the content they share.

Receive alerts as soon as your firm is mentioned online.
Monitor multiple social, news and media platforms at the one time.
Track how much positive, negative and neutral feedback your firm is receiving.

Monitor keywords, topics and hashtags

Monitoring relevant keywords, topics and hashtags on social networks can help firms increase their awareness of client experiences and their online reputation.

Receive alerts

Alerts can quicken a firm’s online response time, therefore improving its online customer support. Alerts also provide the opportunity to help clients that would otherwise go unnoticed

Adjustable workflow feature

The adjustable workflow features allows firms to assign different alerts to specific team members who may be better equipped to respond to a customer or prospect. This manner of monitoring allows firms to identify opportunities, address any issues and gain insights into how customers are responding to their methods of communication.