Publish: Share content across multiple social media platforms

Save time with the easy-to-use tools that allow you to share content across multiple social media networks and platforms at the same time with just one click.

Publish to multiple social networks and blogging platforms using a single compose box.
The auto-posting social media feature is programmed to automatically post content regularly to your channels that are accessed daily by clients.


Specialised news feeds

One of the biggest challenges of using social media is the need to publish relevant material on a regular basis. Finding and utilising sources with great content, therefore, to share online is a must. A news feed is a constantly updated list of resources including news stories, current articles and trending blog posts from relevant industry sources that firms can share with their social audiences.

All news feed content is screened and filtered to ensure that the content is relevant for firm audiences, and so the consistency of publishing up-to-date information can be maintained.

News feed content can also be organised and delivered to clients through an RSS reader categories. Clients simply have to choose what content they would like to share, and then it will be distributed on their social profiles.

Shared content library

Firms also have access to a wide range of material directly from a shared content library. From here, clients can utilise a wealth of regularly updated information, which they can also add to when browsing the web. Simply choose the content that is most relevant to your audience and share it on your social media platforms.

Blog content

Advantage Social regularly checks your firm’s blog site for new content to then post to your social media platforms on a scheduled time frame. For accountants with limited time on their hands, this feature can be very handy, as it ensures that firm blog content is regularly shared on a timely basis to followers that would otherwise miss out.